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Welcome to Maximum Mileage Coaching

Maximum Mileage, headed up by Nick Hancock, a fully licensed and insured UK Athletics Licensed Coach, TrainingPeaks Certified and Affiliate Torq Fitness Certified Performance running coach, NASM Certified Fitness Instructor, as well as a competitive runner, avid gym-goer and lifter of heavy things himself, you are in safe hands!

Nick is also a family man, with 2 sons (who inspired the name of this very coaching business!) and has worked in senior corporate roles for global organisations, so understands the challenges and constraints that people face with the pressures of everyday life.

Nick’s mission is to help people with busy lives such as parents and people with high-pressure jobs achieve their fitness goals!

There are so many workout and meal plans out there, but none of them have been designed specifically for YOU… and that is what Nick will do for you, create a tailored plan with coaching, designed just for YOU and to fit around YOUR life!


Here at Maximum Mileage, we believe running coaching should be as accessible as is possible. Whether you are just getting started, or if you are a competitive runner, you have our attention and advice in equal measures! To us, you are all ELITE!

Under the guidance of Nick, you can be sure that no matter what your goal is, we can help you can achieve it!

For more info on Running Coaching, click the button below. Running coaching spaces are very limited! 


Our interactive and intuitive app takes the hassle out of counting calories and lets you eat the food you love, without having to go around scanning barcodes and searching through endless (and often incorrect) items on calorie counting apps!

Just choose your meals (all of which will be set your exact calorie and macro requirements), cook and eat!

Our app has thousands of delicious meals that can be enjoyed by the whole family, meaning you don’t need to eat separately from everyone else in the house whilst still allowing you to achieve your goals!

We have found that the meal plans we provide actually save you up to 25% off your weekly shop too!



Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or simply improve your health, we have got you covered!

We set your workout plans on our app which gives clear video guidance of each exercise, and you can track how much weight, how many reps, how many sets you are doing, so that you can clearly see your progression each week!

We regularly check in with you and communicate via the app, so everything is one place, making this a very simple and sustainable solution for you to hit your goals!

Certified Coach

Nick is a Fully Certified British Athletics CiRF (Coach in Running Fitness) and Certified Fitness Instructor with almost 10 years personal experience in running from beginner to competitive level and having coached over 50 people in their running and fitness journeys so far!


Specific knowledge, as well as being backed by a partnership with some of Europe’s top nutritionists to bring you the ideal meal plan.

Whether it is to get in shape for a race, fuel your training, to lose weight or build muscle, Maximum Mileage can help YOU!


Body Confidence

We don’t do fad diets or weird weight loss plans. We use proven, sustainable methods to help you achieve your body goals.

Whether you are a runner looking to take your training to thenext level with a good nutrition plan, a parent wanting to claim your body back (trust us, we know how hard it can be with kids!), or have a lifestyle where “lack of time” is holding you back from eating right…



Weight Loss, Building Muscle and Health Programmes

What do you get?


Fully Customised Workout Plans


Peronalised (and delicious!) Meal Plans With Easy-To-Follow Recipes


Interactive App To Help Keep You On Track


Our Complete Support and Guidance


Regular Check-Ins To Monitor Progress

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“I’m a seasoned runner who has known Nick for a while now and kept tabs on his running. He’s massively improved over the years and something I highly admired and wondered how he was improving so much.

Before meeting Nick it would be fair to say I had no structure to my training, in fact I only had one pace whether it was a race day or training day – which was fast as I can. So when hearing that Nick had started his own coaching company I got in contact to see whether he could help me with improving my running and getting me beyond that plateau that I had come to. Nick got me on a plan and started to structure my runs throughout the week, something that takes a little getting used to especially if you need to do one of the runs whereby you control your HR to a certain level or a session with fluctuating speeds, you do get used to it eventually though.

I must admit that I’m a tough one to work with as I always have some challenge on, but he works around it and is very accommodating of you / me. The advice, the enthusiasm. the motivation, the support and the guidance he provides is quite incredible as he works with quite a few people now, so to have a coach who spends the time creating bespoke plans for each individual is outstanding and making you feel like he’s there for you all the time – he loves what he does which really shines through. I have seen some amazing PBs over the summer, so there is proof his coaching is working and now we move on to crack some other running milestones together!”

Marcus Weedon

Company Owner, Milestone Recruitment

“I did a 10km training block with Maximum Mileage. 3 runs a week to try and get a new PB over 10 km!

Just the simple things that I would of never thought of doing, Nick had me doing! All I would ever do is run flat out and not really get faster, but with the programme and focus from Nick I shaved off over 5 minutes of my first personal best run, plus I learned so much about aerobic training that has benefitted my rugby!

If you’re looking for a great, experienced, easy-going and top knowledgeable coach to help with those 1 percent or to work with someone from the very beginning, Nick is the Coach for you!”

Damien Hudd

Groundwork Team Manager & Professional Rugby Player

“Highly recommend Nick and Maximum Mileage if you’re looking for a warm, friendly and knowledgeable coach.

Nick has been amazing at working around me and any issues I’ve had with ALL the support and encouragement. I’m really enjoying this journey to my first half, it’s exactly the help I didn’t quite know I needed and I’m loving every second!”

Rebecca Dunne, Mother of Two

“Nick’s passion for running and fitness, both in terms of it’s physical challenge, but also it’s mental challenge/benefits shine through the moment you speak to him. He is openly fanatically about the science behind the theory which is reassuring when those of us in a hurry just want the right advice, without needing to do the reading ourselves. Nick will very much tailor output to your goals, and respects that we have other pressures in our lives when laying down realistic outcomes. A message to him will always be quickly answered!!!

Great experience and proven outcomes so far for myself having worked with Nick for a few months now.”

James Scott, Father of Two

Pharmacist, NHS Trust

“I’ve been a runner for a few years before joining Maximum Mileage. I’ve not only enjoyed the running, but also the strength and conditioning workouts. Without doing any extra mileage I’ve noticed a real improvement in my ability to run uphill. I recently ran my first event for some years, it was a hilly trail run and I was thrilled to achieve third lady. From not wanting to race I’m now looking forward to future races. Nick is always on hand to give advice and support when needed and is happy to adjust the training plan to accommodate changes when life gets in the way. I’d definitely recommend Maximum Mileage”

Carolyn Thomas


“Been coached by nick for 3 months now and his knowledge and help has been great in developing me as a runner. I have already PB’d both my 5km, 10km and my I am in the best shape of my life!

Looking forward to keeping working together for our first marathon in 12 weeks looking for a PB”

Shaun Rafferty

“Nick has helped me so much in a short space of time getting from a point where 5k was hard work before Christmas to feeling ready for the Brighton Marathon in April. He is so approachable and completely gets the challenges of balancing running with family and work life, plus he has great advice on all the other aspects beyond the basic schedule on things like fueling, strength training and motivation.

Nick’s help has directly and indirectly improved so much of my life… my development over the past few months from your input has pretty much been life-changing for me!

Can’t recommend highly enough!”

Joe Cunningham, Father of One

Nick’s service is first class and he responds to your messages near enough straight away… brilliant with motivation and advice and very knowledgeable!”

Nathan Stannard, Father of One

“I’m a new runner and have been working with Nick to help me realize my goal of completing a half marathon. I couldn’t be happier with the service provided! Through the training peaks app, Nick sets out all my required exercise for the week, all the way up until race day. Where I would have just gone out and run, he has included different distances and paces, as well as adding in strength training to help me maximize my progress. He’s available to chat any time I have questions, and gives me feedback on each of my workouts.

With Nick’s coaching I have no doubt I will reach my goal, and then (possibly) on to do a full marathon. If you want to improve your running and your fitness then you will not find better than Maximum Mileage.”

Stephen Hodgkinson-Soto, Father of Two

Company Director, Global Security Company

“I can’t begin to say how awesome it has been to have Nick help me structure my training around my full-time job, other commitments and hobbies, menstrual cycle, giving blood etc. Life basically! But all these things affect my training and it’s about adjusting and evaluating when it comes to nutrition and recovery, to optimise my performance. Nick helps me do this! He’s also super supportive and it’s not all about “getting the miles in” but listening to my body, fueling it with what it needs, and being mindful. Asking questions after every run, how did it feel etc.

10/10 would recommend! I’m actually having fun, who would’ve thought it!

Thanks Nick!”

Kate Battersby

Graphic Designer, Media Agency