Running Coach UK Based, with global reach! Whether it is 5km, half marathon or marathon or ultramarathon, everything we do is designed for YOU and YOU alone. There are no copy and paste plans here!

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Every training plan we write is for YOU to achieve YOUR goals and fit around YOUR lifestyle. Every person is different and we really do make every plan fit that person… there are no cookie-cutter plans here!

No matter what level runner you are, our number one goal is to help you enjoy your running, whilst helping you smash those PBs and personal goals!

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So many coaches charge for their TIME… we know from our own personal experience, that people who undertake the services of a coach don’t pay for the coach’s time, they pay to get RESULTS!

Here at Maximum Mileage, we are contactable for advice or to make adjustments to your plan any time by any communication method, you don’t need to be on a “premium” package that other coaches charge!

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Ok, it’ll be you doing the real work out there on the trails, track and tarmac! But it is us here at MM that will do the hard work in terms of your customised plan.

Finding a running plan online can be very stressful and time-consuming and with so much info out there, it can be confusing. With us pouring hours and days into creating your plans and ensuring they are made for you, all you have to do is get out, run and enjoy the process!

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Here at Maximum Mileage, we have the experience to help you, no matter what your circumstances… Nick has competed in races at distances from 5km to ultra with multiple top-ten and podium finishes… but he also has also used running to deal with real-world stuff like mental health battles, losing weight and all manner of other of life’s curveballs, not to mention the multiple running coach qualifications he holds (plus the geek-level of study he has done! He doesn’t actually own any books other than running and sports science books!)


Nick Hancock


Hi everyone,

Originally born in Abergavenny, South Wales, I grew up a very sporty kid pretty much playing every sport going, from rugby to football, to cricket, to cross country, to athletics… basically, if it involved some form of running, I was there!! I was lucky enough to represent my county at rugby and both county & country at Cricket from the ages of 11-16 and could’ve and should’ve gone further!

Alas, I fell into the wrong circles, left school, stopped playing sports and went to work in pubs & restaurants. Not that the hospitality industry isn’t wonderful, it is, it took me all over the world and I have lived in some amazing countries and have made some incredible friends (including meeting my beautiful and amazing wife, Alyson) out of that life. But the crazy working hours (some 80-100 hour weeks) got too much and, in 2015, I came close to taking my own life out of the stress and depression caused by working such hours…

My lovely family! Max is quite the runner himself and I am sure Miles will be too!

Every cloud has a silver lining… thankfully and unlike so many others who sadly feel the need to take their life, I found the strength with the support of my amazing wife to take a different path. I quit the job I had at the time, took a huge pay cut and went to go work in HR, but I became far happier and I found RUNNING! I started using running to help with my mental health at first, then realised how much my physical health started to improve and don’t think it is any coincidence that once both my mental and physical health improved, after years of trying we got pregnant… I now have 2 amazing young sons called Max and Miles (yep, they inspired me to name my coaching business Maximum Mileage! Or did I name them in order to set up a coaching business?? lol, no, that would be weird! )… I discovered a thing called Parkrun, 27:30 for my first 5km, it was brutal and I was exhausted. Enjoyed it immensely though, went back 2 weeks later, 25:20… hmmm, I became hooked on this thing called “Personal Best”… could I keep getting better?? I began to become addicted to running, maybe it really was these things called “endorphins”… I started buying books about running, listening to podcasts about running, studying different training methodologies (there are so many… Maffetone, Joe Friel, 80/20, the list goes on), got a coach (best decision ever, by the way!)… now I started running longer… 10km, half marathon, marathon, ultramarathon (in which I personally specialise in)!

A truly self-confessed running geek, after just starting running as a tool for mental health, it has snowballed… I am now hitting 17:29 for my 5km PB, 36:21 for 10Km, 79 mins for half marathon, 2:54 for the marathon and have placed in several top-10 and podium finishes at ultramarathon level, and I feel I have still got loads more in me and continue to look at ways I can improve myself.

I am supported by the wonderful folks at Runderwear (an official England Athletics partner) and leading fuelling brand Torq Fitness for whom I am one of their Affiliate Performance Coaches and their ONLY running coach. I am also TrainingPeaks Certified (the App I use to plan your training on), British Athletics certified, a British Athletics Mental Health Champion and I continue to educate myself daily about the latest running science in any way I can so that I can in turn use that in my coaching!

I am now using my own running experiences and the deep knowledge I have studiously gained about running along with applying concepts from my “real world” profession as a Training, Learning & Development Manager to help other runners take their running to new and exciting levels! I truly believe running is for people from all walks of life… you do not need to run a certain speed or distance to be a “proper runner”… whether you are looking to compete, use running to improve your mental or physical health or simply get some structure to your weeks and stay consistent, then coaching could be for you. I am currently helping runners of all abilities – examples include a 17 stone rugby player looking to break 45 mins 10KM (imagine trying to tackle him!!), a new runner who simply wanted to get some help in staying consistent, a first time half marathoner and an experienced ultrarunner looking to lower their 100km time, amongst others!

Thanks for listening to me waffle on! I hope to be able to help you in any way I can





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