5 Best Running Chest Lights for Winter 2021/22

The dark nights and mornings are here and for those of us looking to stay safe whilst on club runs or out pounding the pavements, and for those that want an alternative to a head torch, a running chest torch is a perfect option to serve both situations. In this post we explore the 5 best running chest light available today, to suit your budget and purpose of use!

First, the benefits of a Chest mounted torch…

  • Most, if not all, running clubs insist on wearing a high-visibility vest for club runs for safety reasons. You should also give very serious consideration into high visibility clothing for your solo and non-club runs so that drivers and other road users can see you. A crucial safety point! A running chest torch usually acts extremely well as a high-vis option meaning you then don’t need to buy a (often ghastly) high-visibility jacket or strap
  • Chest torches sit lower down than a head torch and because of the angle of light, they give much better depth perception of the ground in front of you… a very useful feature for when running on uneven ground such as the trails
  • Some people, quite frankly, don’t like wearing head torches… plus, when you have stopped running and are chatting with your running buddy, you aren’t blinding them with the head torch!

Ok, let’s take a look at the best options out there…

Best running chest light for: Urban Running – Decathlon’s Kiprun 250 Lumen Running Light

We covered this in a previous blog (Best Head Torches) as a bonus option!

This chest torch will do you a solid running around your local streets, with 250 lumens it’ll easily light up the pavement in front of you and with 2.5hr battery time at full power, it’ll happily last the majority of road runs. Reflective strips all the way around will also keep you visible to the local boy-racers! At around just under £30, it’s an affordable option for the performance

Best running chest light for for: No-frills, budget option – LUMEFIT Running Light 500 Lumen

At time of writing this is available from Amazon for under £20, and for the performance it kicks out, it’s a bit of a steal! 500 lumen output means it is very bright and at a claimed 3hr run time, that is impressive. A very bright neon chest strap with reflective strips means you’ll be visible to any other road user from quite some distance!

Best running chest light for: FlipBelt wearers – FlipBelt Running Light

OK, this is a very niche one here, as you need to have a FlipBelt for this one, but we felt it should be in the list because it’s a REALLY good light! The excellent, waist (not chest!) mounted, FlipBelt is roughly £60 and the light itself is not far off the same, so it’s not cheap, but at a 500-lumen output and its superb portability along with up to a whopping 12 hour burn time and super lightweight features, it was well worth a mention on this list

Best running chest torch for: Serious Trail runners – UltraSpire Lumen 800 2.0

Wow!! This. Is. Bright! Another waist mounted option as opposed to chest, but this badboy is an ultra-runners dream! It kicks out a whopping 800 Lumens and has a burn time of 4-8 hours with the ability to connect a Micro-USB power bank to keep the charge going for longer! It, quite literally turns the night into daylight with it’s epic beam, meaning you can run at normal pace and not have to slow down due to visibility issues. Only available in the states (as far as we could tell), but worth the delivery time!

Best running chest torch for: Multi-use – LedLenser Neo10r

Alright, alright… we are cheating on this one a bit because, in reality, it’s a head torch… and a damn good one too. It featured prominently on our Best Head Torches list as our pick for all-nighters and multi-day adventures. The fact it comes with a Chest strap as standard, makes it a great option for those who want incredible performance… but not on your bonce!

In summary, for those of you who don’t like or want a head torch, or want additional light to the head torch itself, or it is for extra safety and visibility around the streets, these options are sure to fulfil your needs.

For more information about the best running chest torches or for help and advice with your running, please get in touch.

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