The Best Running Head Torches

Well, that week of summer was nice wasn’t it!?! After what seems to have been a pretty rainy or too hot (if, like me, you are literally dyiiiiing in warm weather) summer, the nights are drawing in, the mornings are getting darker and the spiders webs are bloody everywhere! If you haven’t run henceforth through a cobweb at 6am in the morning, then you aren’t doing it right!

Anyway, so onto the darkness bit… it’s that time of the year to whip out the headlamp (if you can find the blimmin’ thing! Nope… no idea where I put mine either!) or its simply time to buy a new one or your first one ever! The selection of headtorches is becoming a bit of a minefield nowadays with so many features being added including Bluetooth connection to phone apps and all sorts!

As with most things these days, no two headtorches are made the same! In this list we have selected a range of great solutions for everyone’s needs, budget and level of technical capability… WTF is a lumen, you say!?! (Basically, the more lumens, the brighter the lamp will go… also means the quicker the battery will burn!).

Note: All the links we have provided are direct to the manufacturer’s websites… drop a quick search into your search engine for the best prices available!

Let us shine a light on the situation 😉

Best for… running around urban areas: Petzl Actik

A great headlamp that is comfortable to wear, easy-to-use and will suit those early morning or post-work runs around the local streets. 350 lumens is pretty good for a run around the pavements of Blighty and uses AAA batteries, although we recommend forking out a little extra for the CORE Petzl battery pack otherwise you’ll burn through batteries and end up spending a fortune!! Well worth the money this headtorch!

best running head torches

One of the best running head torches.

Best for… trail runs up to 4-5 hours or so: Alpkit Qark

For the trail and ultra-runners who don’t need all-night long capability, the Alpkit Qark is a great option and at roughly £30-35, this is a bargain. With up 580 Maximum lumens, it’ll light up the woods and fells and give you great visibility of the trails ahead. A Micro-USB rechargeable battery (included) means it’s simple to keep the battery full… it also takes AAA batteries if you want to go beyond the 5 hour burn time on the medium setting. UK-based company too for those of you who like to buy British!

best running head torches

The best head torch for trail running

Best for: Serious All-nighters and multi-day adventures: LedLenser Neo10r

This is a serious piece of kit that will see the most serious of trail runners through a long, gruelling night on the trails without having to change the battery. At a burn time of 10 hours on a whopping 600 lumens and 15 hours on 250 lumens, this is an incredible option for those taking on 100 milers and long-adventures. It can also double up as a chest mounted option as it comes with a chest belt. For multi-day adventures, take a battery pack, whack in the Micro-USB whilst you get some tent kip and you’re good to go! It is also very much worth calling out LedLensers excellent MH10 for very similar specs.

Best Head torch for Trail running

The best Head torch for ultrarunning

Best for: People with deep pockets looking for all the bells and whistles: Petzl Nao+

This bad boy does everything apart from make you a cuppa – how cool would that be in the middle of the night on a tough 100-miler?!

The Petzl Nao+ has a burn time of 15 hours on 320 lumens on the “Adaptive Lighting” setting and 5.5 hours on the mammoth 750 lumens setting which will, quite frankly, make you visible from space!! There are so many features with this lamp… some highlights include; the ability to set preferences and profiles in the app to suit the activity you are doing (e.g. trail or mountainerring or urban etc), multi-beam for flood lighting, Micro-USB chargeable, belt accessory to move the battery off the head into a bag or pocket… and so much more! This is a mega piece of kit in the plus £100 bracket!

And finally… to keep yourselves safe, especially for you road runners out there who run near traffic – let’s face it, there are some daft drivers out there who can get awfully close at times – this excellent chest strap from Decathlon will keep you visible in the dark and the run leader at your local club very happy!! Check out the Kiprun Run Light

Stay safe folks. A good headlamp, whatever your needs, is a sound investment and one that shouldn’t be scrimped on, so get one from this list and not some uber-cheap, unbranded option from the depths of Amazon. They inevitably break or just don’t perform the way you hoped (crap battery or lighting) leading you to buy a good one anyway, so just do it from the outset!! Trust us, we’ve been there!

For more information about the best running head torches or for help and advice with your running, please get in touch.

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