Here are some lovely words from clients of Maximum Mileage Endurance Coaching…

“Highly recommend Nick and Maximum Mileage if you’re looking for a warm, friendly and knowledgeable coach.

Nick has been amazing at working around me and any issues I’ve had with ALL the support and encouragement. I’m really enjoying this journey to my first half, it’s exactly the help I didn’t quite know I needed and I’m loving every second!”

Bex Well Dunne

“I did a short 6-week block with Maximum Mileage. 3 runs a week to try and get a new Pb 10 km!

Just the simple things that I would of never of thought of doing, Nick had me doing! All I would ever do, is run flat out and not really get faster, but with the 6 weeks programme and focus from Nick I shaved off over 5 minutes of my first personal best run, plus I learned so much about zone 2 Heart Rate workload!

If you’re looking for a great, experienced, easy going and top knowledgeable running coach to help with those 1 percent or to work with someone from the very beginning, Nick is the Running Coach for you!”

Damien Hudd

“I’m currently training for my first marathon and I can’t begin to say how awesome it has been to have Nick help me structure my training around my full time job, other commitments and hobbies, menstrual cycle, giving blood etc. Life basically! But all these things affect my training and it’s about adjusting and evaluating when it comes to nutrition and recovery, to optimise my performance. Nick helps me do this! He’s also super supportive and it’s not all about “getting the miles in” but listening to my body, fueling it with what it needs, and being mindful. Asking questions after every run, how did it feel etc. 10/10 would recommend! I’m actually having fun, who would’ve thought it!

Thanks Nick!”

Kate Battersby

“I’ve been with Maximum Mileage for 3 months now. I previously ran but was struggling from injuries all the time. I’m running more than I ever have and haven’t had one injury since I started being coached by Nick and I have beat both my 5km and 10km PB’s since. Feeling fitter and stronger each week and I can’t wait to continue my journey and build up to the ultra-marathon distance.

Nick’s service is first class and he responds to your messages near enough straight away… brilliant with motivation and advice and very knowledgeable!”

Nathan Stannard

“I’m a new runner and have been working with Nick to help me realize my goal of completing a half marathon. I couldn’t be happier with the service provided! Through the training peaks app, Nick sets out all my required exercise for the week, all the way up until race day. Where I would have just gone out and run, he has included different distances and paces, as well as adding in strength training to help me maximize my progress. He’s available to chat any time I have questions, and gives me feedback on each of my workouts.

With Nick’s coaching I have no doubt I will reach my goal, and then (possibly) on to do a full marathon. If you want to improve your running and your fitness then you will not find better than Maximum Mileage.”

Stephen Hodgkinson-Soto

“Nick’s passion for running, both in terms of it’s physical challenge, but also it’s mental challenge/benefits shine through the moment you speak to him. He is openly fanatically about the science behind the theory which is reassuring when those of us in a hurry just want the right advice, without needing to do the reading ourselves. Nick will very much tailor output to your goals, and respects that we have other pressures in our lives when laying down realistic outcomes. A message to him will always be quickly answered unless it’s when he’s getting his beauty sleep!!! Great experience and proven outcomes so far for myself having worked with Nick for a few months now.”

James Scott



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